dinsdag 29 november 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Last week Shannara Letted me know that she tagged me with this Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks Shannara, check out her blog Nails And Stuff, she makes some nice manicures!

There are a few rules for this award:

- List 7 things about yourself
- Pass this award onto 15 other blogs

Seven things about me:

- Next to nailstyling I'm also a student, I'm learning to become a preschool teacher. I just started my first year, so I will be ready over 4 years :p
- I don't understand how I can combine working as a nailstylist, blog every day, go to school every day and make homework everyday, prepare lessons for the childrens in my class once a week etc. But well it works out for me.
- I'm a it clumsy, I always fall down. Once I tripped over a stick and tore my ankle.
- I make a new nailart every week, which means that once a week I make a lot of swatches and pictures so I can blog the rest of the week :). Sunday's are my nailart days, except when I'm having it to busy with school or something like that.
- My sister and mom still have their gelnails! I'm so proud that they still have their gelnails since March this year! I made some nice nailart designs on them so stay tuned, I will show you them!
- I'm having a really hard time thinking about this list of 7 things about me.. I'm stuck at number 6 as you can see. It's hard to say things about myself!
- Alright, the last one. I hate public transport, but unfortunately I have to go to school 4 days a week with a train, I just hate it! Luckily the last day of the week I'm at a school next to my own house :)!

I'm not passing this onto 15 others, I will just pick some blogs out, I don't have the time to look for 15 bloggers, but If you want to do this tag too. Just consider yourself as tagged ;)!

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Aoana Nail Art
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2 opmerkingen:

  1. Dank je wel, Sylvia... Voor het taggen!

    Ik heb deze onlangs al ingevuld, maar ik zal hem zeker op mijn blogje vermelden!

    Leuk om wat meer over je te lezen!


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