woensdag 4 mei 2011

Kreativ Blogger Award

I recieved this award from the lovely Crys from Crystaliciousss (check out her blog, she makes some awesome swatches!),the lovely Kimberly from Nail Reflections (her blog is really nice, check it out!) and the lovely Taya from Taya My little beauty world (Check out her blog too she's got beautiful nails and makes nice swatches!). The purpose is to share 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 other bloggers. Alright I have to admit that i'm not good at the 10 facts, but I'll do my best!

1) I have a very busy month this month! My exams are starting may 18th, and I hope to graduate this year! I'm doing the last year of my Havo, I will start at the Pabo in September I think :)

2) I'm also starting my nailstylist course this month. To be exactly also at may 18th. I'm doing the course for gel nails, I want to start with that so I can learn everything about that and maybe then start with the Acrylic course. I'll see!

3) I'm blogging for almost a year now! June 8th I will celebrate my first year of blogging! I can't believe i'm blogging for so long now, It feels like I'm just doing this like a month.

4) I entered the disney nailart contest from Confessions of a polishaholic with my Donald Duck nailart. I will post this nailart this sunday, but when you want to see a sneak preview, you can take a look here, and maybe vote for me? :)

5) I love animals! I have a cat (but she isn't very nice to me :p) named Blacky, my big love my Rabbit named Stampertje ( hehe I don't tell you how I call her, but she's listening to a whole other name which is kinda funny *it rhymes to poor* ;-) ). And the last one is our guineypig named Koe *cow in dutch* He's kind of a dork and love to eat the whole day! You can meet all of my animals here!

6) I have really long hair, and it's kinda funny that almost no one knows it. I wear my hair almost all the time in a knot or something, because long hair is really hot in summer. When I have my hair down everyone wants to touch it (ewl, that's strange :p). 

7) I've natural dark hair, it's more brown I think. But I paint it blond for almost 2 years now. So actually i'm a fake blond girl!

8) I also entered Enchantra's Dare. It's a sort nailart contest where you had to use some of their products, with a pink theme. In a few days you can see my entry on enchanting beauty! Can't wait to see what all the others made!

9) I seriously don't know what to say more.. Hmm let me think.. Oh yes! Maybe good to know, but i'm going on a vacation for 3 weeks this year. Ofcourse there will be posts, but maybe not every day, maybe one day a post other day not. I have to look at it. I have to make time to write all those posts! Ofcourse I will tell you more when the time is there!

10) Alright the last one! I hate cleaning up my room. The space is to small and I have to much stuff. Serious... you don't want to know how my desk is looking like right now. It looks like there was a big bomb which just exploded.

So now I have to tag 10 other bloggers, let me search for some bloggers :) When you already recieved this award, just ignore it! I choosed some not very big blogs, maybe you can find some new awesome blogs now ;)! I think they deserve some attention too.

Nailfever *this one is in dutch*
Texie's Corner *this one is dutch* 
Spaz and Squee
Glazed Talons *she just started like a month ago!*
Gettin' Girlie *woops just saw that you recieved this one already, ah well, take it as some free spam ;)*
Miszblondiej *this one is also in dutch*

Enjoy the tag ladies!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuk om te lezen! :-)
    Ik moet er ook nog aan geloeven om dit in te vullen hihi.

  2. @ Shirley,

    Haha succes, hij is best moeilijk!

  3. Aw, thanks so much for the tag! :) It's my very first one. Looking forward to filling it out!

  4. Dat was echt superleuk om te lezen! Bedankt voor de tag :)

  5. Awww thanks!! :) I was going to give it to you but I was sure you would have had it already!

  6. Deze is een inspiratie persoonlijk te ontdekken die veel meer verbonden aan dit onderwerp. Ik moet bekennen uw gegevens langdurige mijn gevoelens in aanvulling op Ik ga naar rechts nu uw feed op de hoogte blijven van elke komende weblog berichten je kan mogelijk maken. Je zou kunnen verdienen dank voor een job perfect volbracht!

  7. Hartelijk dank voor het ontwikkelen van de moeite om dit te bespreken, Ik voel me sterk over dit en als het bestuderen van een veel meer over dit onderwerp. Indien haalbaar, als je expertise te krijgen, zou je denken het bijwerken van uw webpagina met een veel veel meer info? Het is erg gunstig voor mij.


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