dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Butterfly Award

I recieved this award from the lovely Kristyn from Paint That Nail. Thank you Kristyn!

 So on to the rules:
1. Link the person back who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions below
4. Award this to 15 bloggers
Seven things about me:
- After I did my re-exam I finally succeeded to graduate! Now on to the next study!
- I'm wearing glasses for the last few months now, just for watching tv, goodbye headaches!
- I write my blogposts everyday, I just make them before when I can't do it else, I hate to write a week of posts in just one day. I like to blog everyday!
- I'm going on my vacation very soon! But blogging goes on, so that's the only time that I'm making blogposts for a while instead of 'live'.
- I seriously don't understand why some of the 'beautybloggers' name their blog an online magazine. Come on people there is a huge difference between a magazine or a blog, I'm definitely not taking you serious because you think your blog is an online magazine.
- I hate public transport. And guess what? The next 4 years I have to travel by train for almost 2 hours every day, that's a big hell for me!
- I can't bare a day without the internet, even when I'm on my vacation I can go on the internet, ah well not every day but I can check my email/blog at least.


Name your favorite colour: Definitely purple! But that wasn't a big surprise isn't it?
Name your favorite song: Hmm that's a hard one, I have a new favourite song almost every week. At this moment it's Gasoline by Seether.
Name your favorite dessert: Banana yoghurt! I love banana's!
What pisses you off: People who judge other people by the outside, learn to know that person before you judge!
When you're upset you: When I'm really upset I can be very very aggressive, I want to slam the doors and knock everything. It's a good thing that's I'm not getting upset very easy, you first have to do a very bad thing before getting me upset.
Your favorite pet: That's unfair, I can't choose between my rabbit, cat or guinypig, I love them all! Even when my cat doesn't like me all the time (She doesn't like my hugs :p)
Black or White: Black!
Your biggest fear: Spiders! Eek I hate them, even when I see a very tiny spider I'm yelling to everyone who can hear it to kill it (I love animals, but spiders..Yuk!)
Best Feature: Absolutely my nails! 
Everyday attitude: Happy, I'm always happy and very enthousiastic, even when I'm just out of bed!
What is perfection: In my eyes nothing is perfect, there isn't any perfection!
Guilty Pleasure: This question made me think for more then 10 minutes, but actually I don't have a guilty pleasure (is that a good thing?).

15 Bloggers (I hate doing this you know, I don't want to kick others out, so I'm not choosing 15, i'm choosing a few, and when you want to do this butterfly award, consider you're tagged!)I'm not contacting you, so if you read this you're lucky, if you missed this, too bad!:
Irishenchantment - If it shines its mines
Claudia - Nailing This
That's it for now! If you want to be part of above list of 'tagged bloggers' please leave a comment and I will add you and your blog!

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