dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Fotolia: Ten Collection

TEN COLLECTION  is a unique and original project that promotes digital art to the design community with an emphasis on education. Designers will be able to download a free PSD layers file, allowing them a rare and deep look into the techniques of a top digital artist. To create TEN COLLECTION, Fotolia gathered digital art, graphical resources and educational materials. The initiative was made possible with the partnership of two major design communities, Wisibility and Amkashop. Each month for 10 months, one digital artist will show their composition, created from images available on Fotolia, in a PSD layers file. The 10 artists in this project have worked at top agencies, major worldwide brands, cultural events, and in the film and arts arena.

Tune in on the 10th of every month to discover the process behind each new digital transformation! Here’s what you can look forward to:
  • In-depth knowledge and information sharing
  • Insight to all the materials, elements and special tools each digital artists uses
  • A full breakdown of how each graphic component plays a part in creating the final image
  • A comprehensive understanding of how the digital artists use special techniques and tools
  • A “get-to-know” interview with each featured artist
  • A FREE download of the PSD for 24 hours n the 10th of each month

Een tijdje geleden vertelde ik al iets over Fotolia. Bovenstaand bericht kreeg ik afgelopen week in mijn emailbox. Fotolia houdt een superleuke campagne waarin je iedere 10e van de maand een leerzaam filmpje kunt downloaden m.b.t digitale technieken om o.a. foto's mee te bewerken. Je kunt de filmpjes iedere 10e van de maand gratis hier downloaden!

A while ago I already told you something about Fotolia. I recieved above information in my mailbox last week! Fotolia has a very nice campaign: you can download every 10th of the month a free PSD to learn digital techniques! You can download the movies here!

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