woensdag 16 mei 2012

Guest Post: Women Are Powerful Beings


My name is Jackie and I do outreach for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, a leading web resource for mesothelioma cancer. In this quest post I will confince you with the fact that Women are Powerful beings and we need to realize it!

Reclaiming Style and Confidence During Cancer Treatment
There are few things more life changing than intensive cancer treatment.  Whether one is suffering from breast cancer, or going through mesothelioma treatment, a cancer journey can be a strange and bewildering time.  Suddenly, body’s change, and what we see in the mirror can be scary and alarming.  Even though the changes one goes through during and after cancer treatment can be jarring, becoming comfortable in your own skin is an important step on the path of recovery.  Reclaiming and owning personal style when being treated for cancer is more important than at any other time in your life.

The Importance of Feeling Pretty

Women who take steps to “feel pretty” are ultimately happier people.  This is never truer than when going through cancer treatment.  Radiating your best self despite life’s challenges displays confidence, pride, and bravery.  Although it is easy to ignore fashion when going through a major debilitating life change, taking the time to do small things, like painting toenails a funky color or putting on a bit of lip gloss, can help keep spirits up during cancer treatment.  Having a massage, choosing elegant wigs or head coverings, and wearing flattering makeup are all steps towards putting on a brave face and “feeling pretty.”  Taking steps to feel beautiful will make this major life change as positive as it can be.  The compliments received may be just the thing to pull you through a tough series of treatments.

Take Risks

Going through a major life change like cancer treatment is a great time to define a new personal style.  If anything, it is a great excuse to venture out on the wild side.  You are now free to choose fashions with styles that you love but would have considered too bold or too luxurious for everyday life in the past.  In the end, you might discover that these styles fit into everyday life better than previously thought!  Wear the bold, brassy perfume that would be too strong for the office.  Cover your head in wild prints.  Carry that high-end designer bag hidden in the back of the closet.  Wear those huge earrings you love but were afraid to be seen in public wearing.  Accessorizing with things that you love will also help radiate confidence and strength not only to yourself, but to the world.

Stepping Out in Style

Although cancer treatment can be exhausting, maintaining an active social presence is another important aspect of surviving this period.  Going out with friends, making new connections, and wearing cute, yet comfortable shoes will help you feel connected with society at large.  Making this connection with your community, and being a positive, confident example of a cancer patient, will help the world see that cancer can strengthen one’s resolve.  Help change and inspire the definition of beauty.

Despite receiving a diagnosis of cancer, taking the time to maintain or enhance one’s sense of style is an important step towards finding the strength to move through treatments.  Taking the time to love yourself despite the changes that are occurring can lift spirits and help show a brave, confident face to the world.  Steps towards making this major life change as positive as possible will result in great rewards not only for yourself, but for the people around you.

Check out the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog for more information on wellness.

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  1. Aha... ze heeft jou ook benaderd zie ik :)

  2. @ Kim,

    Ah heeft ze jou ook benaderd? Ik krijg dagelijks veel van dit soort dingen binnen en ik maak een selectie van de dingen die ik belangrijk genoeg vind om een plekje te krijgen. Het artikel van hierboven vind ik opzich wel een belangrijk onderwerp!

  3. Ja ik had ook een mailtje van haar... Ik heb haar (netjes) afgewezen, omdat mijn blog alleen maar over nagels gaat en ik vond dat dit daar niet mee verbonden was. Maar dat is ieder voor zich natuurlijk. Het onderwerp op zich is uiteraard belangrijk, maar ik was persoonlijk bang dat het gezien zou worden als een soort van "spam", dus vandaar... :)

  4. @ Kim,

    Is inderdaad begrijpelijk hoor. Deze website staat natuurlijk ook in het teken van nagels maar ik maak zo af en toe (als extra artikel) een uitzondering. Ik zorg er wel weer voor dat er dezelfde dag gewoon nog een nagelartikel komt :) Verder vind ik het persoonlijk liggen, als iemand het niet zou willen lezen ga ik ze er ook zeker niet toe dwingen, ik vind het zelf overigens wel een mooi geschreven stuk:)


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